Hi, I am Fakorede Abiola

Fullstack developer

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What I do

SPA + API Development

I do not consider myself a Front-end developer but I am knowledgible in VUE JS and comfortable building SPAs using the JavaScript framework. I am also very well-placed in complementing it with a RESTful API using backend frameworks such as PHP/Laravel and Node.js

Backend Development

I am experienced in using PHP and JavaScript(Node.js) as my languages of choice on the backend. I have been working with PHP in particular since 2017 and knowledgeable with Object-Oriented programming in PHP, PDO and MySQL. I have the basics of Symfony and also very proficient with the Laravel framework which i've been learning and building stuffs with since 2018.

Mobile App Development

I took a serious interest in developing mobile apps when I heard Google's announcement of Flutter 1.0, the first stable release of its cross-platform mobile development toolkit. I decided to enroll in a premium course in late 2019 to learn the technology in-depth. I have built a number of mobile apps since then.

My Work

Who I am

Developer based out of Lagos, NG

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My work

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